How to buy cheap clothes in bulk from China

You can get a lot of unique clothing items with good quality in China. China is the number one go-to place for cheap wholesale clothing because of its low production costs. Most designers and wholesalers source their products from China and you can make a whole lot of money from buying clothes in bulk from China.

Below are the 10 effective steps to buy high quality cheap clothes from China:

1. Check out the importation rules and regulations in your country

First, you need to know what the law says about importation of clothes in your country. Some countries generally prohibit importation of clothing items and doing so may lead to confiscation of your goods by customs authorities.

2. You should know Duties and Taxes in your country

You should get a grip on the custom duties and importation taxes that you would have to pay on your goods when you want to clear them.

3. Acquire import licenses and permit

You should also check out what licenses and permits you would need to acquire to enable you buy clothes from China.

4. Look for a supplier

A good place to search a wholesale supplier is There, you would find a lot of wholesalers but you have to exercise caution and conduct an extensive research and investigation before committing to a supplier because there are lots of fake suppliers there.

You should also ensure that you use the buyer protection features on to protect yourself from scammers and shady suppliers. You can also make use of online directories like the white pages to search for a supplier.

5. Visit China if you have the resources

The truth is that the internet is not sufficient when searching for a supplier for the first time. Nothing can compare to meeting with different suppliers, sampling the quality of their products and physical negotiation. This would save you a lot of time and resources.

6. Check out prices and minimum order quantity

You should do an extensive research to find out the different prices that each seller offers. Prices in China vary and you would be surprised to find out that a product that sells for $20 in one place may go for as low as $5 in another place. But you have to exercise care, so that you don’t end up with bad quality products. Another thing is to look out for the minimum order quantity of each supplier to be sure that you can afford it.

7. Consider drop shipping options

Drop shipping helps you save a lot of overhead costs such as storage, shipping, sorting and even employee costs. When you use drop shipping services, you would only have to worry about marketing and advertising your products and once you have an order, the supplier would ship the products directly to the buyer.

8. Shop from different suppliers

As a first timer, it is not wise to commit to only one supplier. You may want to spread out your money so that you can buy from 2-3 suppliers and when you are satisfied with a supplier’s product, you can commit to him.

9. Start with buying samples

Before you go ahead to buy from a supplier, it would be wise to check the quality of the products.

Chinese sizes are usually smaller than UK and US sizes and sometimes clothing items bought from China are not true to size.

It is difficult to judge a cloth by looking at photos. Sometimes, what is presented in the photos would be totally different from the actual product. To avoid this, it would be wiser to get samples from the supplier before going ahead to buy in wholesale quantity.

10. Look for suppliers who offer free shipping

Some suppliers offer free shipping options while some do not. It would be wiser and helpful to choose a supplier that offers free shipping so that you can cut costs.

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